“The Power of Food as Healthy Medicine”


where-to-begin-image-600 The Preventive Nutrition Food Plan was created specifically for people with atherosclerotic artery disease. This includes patients who have already suffered a complication such as heart attack or stroke. Also included are people who have been diagnosed with early disease on imaging studies.

Unfortunately, medical treatment for this disorder is only palliative and not curative. It treats the complications as the disease progresses. Interventions such as coronary bypass or stents and medical therapy with statin drugs only slow the process. They are treatment for the consequences and not the cause of the disease.


The causes include underlying metabolic predisposition and our Western lifestyle and diet. The typical American diet high in animal fats and processed carbohydrates has been implicated for decades in the epidemic of obesity and diabetes as well as the atherosclerotic diseases heart attack and stroke. Despite medical progress, these health issues have become the dominant healthcare problems we face.

Too few patients and very few doctors understand the role of nutrition in the causation and progression of atherosclerotic artery disease. Too few appreciate the power of proper nutrition in slowing, stopping and even reversing the disease. We hope to change that.


We call our nutritional therapy program a food plan because our patients think in terms of foods they eat, not calories or fat grams on a nutrition label. It is not a diet per se. Diets are about limitations, portion control, cravings, frustration and ultimately failure in the pursuit of weight loss. Preventive nutrition uses foods as therapy and is about the abundance of healthy foods that can be eaten and enjoyed.

Our food plan takes a positive approach to healthy, plant based eating. It is not just a diet for an individual trying to lose weight, it is a way of living the whole family can follow to better health. It can be enjoyed. The expansive menu is creative and can be eaten without limiting portions. The “side effects” are numerous and much appreciated: improved taste for food, better digestion, fewer arthritic symptoms, healthier skin and for many people significant weight loss.

We invite you to explore this site and learn more about low-fat, plant based eating and its potential to benefit the health of your arteries. To learn more about screening for atherosclerotic artery disease and how we can provide specific help we also invite you to visit our other websites.