“The Power of Food as Healthy Medicine”



iStock_000009783522_MediumThere is only one food pattern proven to dramatically reduce future risk in patients who have had a heart attack, stroke, aneurysm or other artery disease. There is only one food pattern shown to stop and even reverse atherosclerosis seen on imaging studies in people yet to become patients. There is only one food pattern proven to be two to three times more effective than medications used to treat high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. That food pattern contains only low fat, plant based meals.

No other weight loss diet plan has proof of such benefits. No supplement, “super food”, herb, probiotic, detox, cleanse, packaged juice or vitamin product has credible evidence of such effects. In fact some of these alternatives have been proven to cause harm in people with atherosclerotic artery disease.

Plant based eating provides all the nutritional elements known to promote overall health and the health of arteries. Natural plant starch carbohydrates are the only “carbs” which provide the energy driving most bodily functions without causing obesity and diabetes. Natural plant protein is the only protein never shown to increase cancer risk. Natural plant fiber is the best food for healthier digestion. Plant based meals provide all of the carbohydrate, protein and fiber needed for good health while excluding the processed, adulterated foods causing artery disease.

Plant based eating is not fat free. Nuts, grains and other seeds contain healthy fats in ample amounts for good health. There is no nutritional deficiency requiring excess soybean, olive or other vegetable oils in the human diet.

Plant based eating is not just a menu plan, it is a lifestyle. Meals at home require a bit more creativity and time shopping, preparing and cooking. This is quite a change from our take-out, microwave, rapid fire eating pattern so typical of the American home today. Restaurant eating, travel and eating at friends’ homes can be challenging. Yet if you or a family member has atherosclerotic artery disease, these changes can be lifesaving.

Those who choose this lifestyle and eating pattern are usually surprised at how enjoyable it is. There are positive changes in weight, energy level, exercise tolerance, taste, and digestion. Symptoms often improve and medications can be reduced. The focus of meal planning is often simpler as people find favorite recipes and favorite restaurants with plant based dishes.

Hundreds of nutritional studies confirm the success of a low fat, plant based lifestyle in people with atherosclerotic vascular disease. Some of the most important ones are included in our reference list.

FOUR SIMPLE STEPS. We hope you make the choice to follow them toward a healthier life.